When Parallel Lines Intersect

"It’s funny how sometimes you can see yourself in other people’s words, regardless of time and distance."

My friend from years past wrote me that in a recent email. Our lives are vastly different... with an ocean or two separating us, languages barriers, to name a few. But somewhere across longitudes, there’s a parallel of similarity between us.

While I don’t dive into the personal moments of making big life changes, what I will share is the part where you rise after the fall. The important thing is to acknowledge the life you had before that great love (and what a rich, travel-filled one it was), how s/he added (not subtracted) to your life experiences and how you chose to live your life after you tuck away the mementos to a shoebox, soon to be stored or tossed away. 

"It's really difficult to separate from someone who you have been spending every day of your recent life with... but I guess life goes on and it's full of surprises. I met someone right after and I feel like I'm living a whole new life now. So, not sure how you are feeling, but if I'm the living proof that things often change for the better and come when you less expect them!"


Her words seeped under my salty skin. And while my life (and yours) is not defined by the company we keep, it is comforting to know that we can (and will) move on whether it be in the form of a new job, hobby, relationship, or mindset. 

Stay bitten ;)