There goes the neighborhood...

It's 4:51am. I'm wide awake and can no longer blame the jet lag, trying desperately to go back to sleep. I can't say I'm hoping this was all a dream and when I wake up at 8am, the nightmare of a reality will dissipate. 

Because that's not the case. I'm very much aware that this is my reality. And yours. And in a few hours the sun will rise. And we will too.

Last night, I joked over dinner, a perfect distraction to the anxiety ridden Election Night, about content for a blog post. While two of my neighbors checked their phones giving frequent updates on another red state succumbing to that under-qualified bully, I asked if I should do a blog post on where to go if Trump wins the election. I laughed it off because sheepishly I never thought this would come to fruition. This was still an act on Saturday Night Live, right? This man is not seriously running for President. This man can't possibly win. Not in New York. Not in the United States of America.

But this is America. And we can't control the sum of all our parts. So as morning unravels, we all have a choice of where we want to go today. There has never been a greater moment to want to brexit this country and travel.

Here's my roundup of our options or the options I've briefly thought about but never really entertained. Until now. Because at the start and end of the day, this a travel blog, not a platform for politics.


1. Canada, eh? Convenient that I'm dating a Canadian. Inconvenient that winter is coming and I'm solar (and salt water) powered.

2. Israel. Remind me why I came home from vacation to vote? That kibbutz life by the sea is looking pretty good right now.

3. Impeachment.

4. Live abroad. Denmark? Ranked the happiest country in the world? Nicaragua? Morning surf sessions. Here are 27 other options as suggested by Business Insider.

5. Stay put. Embrace @stayathomebugbites and what feels like a really bad hangover that I just can't shake. While everyone is entitled to their opinion / vote, in my opinion, yesterday our nation went low. Today (and each day forward), let us channel Michelle Obama and go high. So we might be f*cked on a national level. GO LOCAL. Invest time in your community. Now, more than ever, prioritize the value of EDUCATION, our ENVIRONMENT and HUMAN RIGHTS. Treat your neighbors with love and respect and do what you can to improve your surroundings.


Whatever you decide on, it's your choice. Stay positive, stay bitten ;)

New York, on a brighter day.

New York, on a brighter day.