Making Waves

Let's ignore that the last post was in 2015 and act like old friends who haven't seen each other in years. We'll laugh, reminisce, inspire each other, catch up and pick up where we left off. Deal? Great.

You'll notice things look a little different over here at TBB. Under the "work" section you'll find where I've poured my creative energy into. As much as I'd love to travel for a living, you'll discover that I spend a great deal of time behind the camera, working hard creating content and enhancing a brand's identity. I'm currently providing brand and visual design consultation for individual and corporate clients. So if you have an exciting project that needs creative direction, let's get coffee (or tea, in my case) and collaborate!

If you venture to the right, there's the "Travel Bug Bites" section where you'll find all the old posts you've read and followed over the past decade. It's been almost a decade, wow (insert the grandma emoji here). If you're looking for a specific trip or destination, you can enter it in the search field and dig thru the archives of the Inca Trail, the Serengeti, Yacht Week, you name it. Over the past year, I've traveled to a handful of new places (Cabarete, Scottsdale, Marie Galante, Squam Lake, Point Reyes to name a few) and revisited some of my old favorite spots (Maine, Montauk, Maderas Village). So "stay bitten" as there will be updates shortly that will hopefully prompt you to travel more and explore this great big world.

As for the "about" section, that's me.

Stay bitten ;)