what lives outside the frame

10 years ago, today, I woke up only to find that my flight was canceled. Three legs later, that naive, curious, twenty-something made her way to New Zealand.

And that was the beginning of Travel Bug Bites.

the start of TBB.JPG

What started as a blog, an excuse to not use Facebook, to disconnect and not have a flip phone while I traveled for three weeks, evolved into a decade of a collection of experiences, a catch phrase “stay bitten,” a nickname / an identity and a creative outlet. For me, it has been so much more than that. It unleashed an unknown passion of mine (writing), served as a catalog of my travel adventures, a means to inspire and thankfully, a discovery of self. 

Ultimately, it’s been the reveal of finding beauty in the everyday - from the conversations with locals and likeminded travelers to feeling at home in places far from it. Tulum to Tel Aviv, Bali to Bangkok, Sri Lanka to the Serengeti, I’ve covered a substantial amount of ground over the past decade. A lot hasn’t been documented. It could be out of laziness or the excuse that “life gets busy” but the reality of it is that sometimes, I just wanted to put down the phone (or laptop) and just enjoy, to travel the way we used to, without the need to share that epic sunset or the breakfast on the balcony.

We live this curated life. We select the beautiful moments... our "Greatest Hits." What you don't see is what happens behind closed doors. Or the slamming of doors. The distrust, disrespect. The tears, heartaches and heartbreaks. Public service announcement, don't believe everything you see on social media. Yes, it's a real photo that captures a moment in time but it's only the frame and it's contents. It's tearing a swatch out of reality and not showing you the whole picture or what lives outside the frame. In this day and age, it’s easy to get caught up in comparison, in “doing things for the gram” and projecting an alternate version of yourself, a filtered life.

For me, I don’t get pangs of jealousy. There's no comparative nature here as I've come to learn that I can only be where I am right now. There's no FOMO because I have full ownership over the decisions I make. I have and will always be the girl who dumps her paycheck into flights instead of handbags. And I will continue to work hard to travel because there’s such a lot of world to see. So here’s to what the next decade holds, in life, love and the thirst to learn more about the people and places that make up this crazy, beautiful world.

Let’s put the phone down, engage with one another, embrace the imperfections and what lives outside the frame. Thanks for the laughs, the inspiration and for joining me on this journey.


Stay bitten ;)